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     Princess Victoria Ka'iulani

Elementary School


Our History

     Princess Victoria Ka'iulani was born on October 16, 1875 to Miriam Likelike and Archibald Cleghorn.  She was the heir apparent to the throne of Hawai'i, successor to her aunt, Queen Lydia Liliuokalani.

     Princess Ka'iulani grew up at 'Ainahau, an estate given to her by her godmother, Ruth Ke'elikolani.  She loved to ride her pony, Fairy and feed her pet peacocks under the large Indian banyan in front of her house.

     Ka'iulani's mother passed away when she was just 11 years old and she was sent to London to attend school two years later.  While away, she heard news of the overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy meaning she would never be queen of Hawai'i.  She traveled to Washington to plead for the return of the throne ot her aunt but was unsuccessful.

     Our Princess died unexpectedly on March 6, 1899 at the young age of 23.  It was said that her peacocks cried out with sadness the day she passed away.  That same year, a new school was opened in Kalihi-Palama and was named Princess Victoria Ka'iulani Elementary School.  Her father gave a clipping of the banyan tree to the school and today that Indian banyan tree flourishes on the makai side of our school campus.

     Every year on or near October 16th, Ka'iulani's birthday, we celebrate and honor her in song and dance.  The Royal Hawaiian Band joins us at our outdoor stage for this special event.  

     Various artists have come to our school to depict our princess in different forms of art.  We are proud of our history and thankful to be named after such a remarkable woman.